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Since 1987, Progressive Asset Management has helped investors across the country align their portfolios with their values. A professionally managed SRI portfolio can help you realize your financial goals, as well as increasing corporate accountability to employees, consumers, and the environment. Progressive Asset Management is a proud supporter of, the US Social Investment Forum, the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, the US Climate Action Network, Ceres, the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, and other organizations promoting a more sustainable and just global economy.


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Saving for college? Protecting your retirement? Need help managing a trust or creating a portfolio? Make financially and socially responsible choices from a full range of investment services, with licensed financial advisors to guide you.   

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The socially and environmentally responsible investing (SRI) movement is now worth over $6 trillion – representing nearly 18% of total assets under management in the United States. [Source: US Social Investment Forum]

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Can you name the companies in your portfolio? Your investments may include mutual funds that hold shares in many companies – including those whose environmental and ethical practices may conflict with your values.

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